Sinkholes, LLC has installed over 40,000 piers and counting. We design and manufacture each pier differently for every job we complete. Sinkholes, LLC has designed the strongest steel push pier in the United States. Our push pier load limits range from 20-100 ton working load.

Sinkholes, LLC has a patent pending on a number of different sinkhole monitoring systems. This device will change all of Florida’s building codes along with bank loan and insurance requirements related to sinkhole inspections and monitoring.

Sinkholes, LLC has mastered the sinkhole repair and sinkhole monitoring industry. Jeff Earl has designed a Sinkhole monitoring device that can guaranty safety and peace of mind. Jeff Earl, structural repair and earth retaining expert, along with the best Civil Engineer in the State of Florida, Ken Sands P.E. have joined forces and currently have the combined, most experience in the industry.

Patented sinkhole monitoring system
Civil Engineering/Geo Engineering
Free ground penetrating radar inspection
Free sinkhole inspection/report
grout pumping/soil stabilization
sinkhole claim denied
underpinning/grouting combo system
pressure grouting/chemical grouting

Sinkholes, LLC contracts with Foundation Masters, LLC a licensed Civil Engineering, Foundation and Sinkhole repair company in Florida (License # : CBC 1251806) to install our products. Foundation Masters, LLC is a design and build company and this means we provide our customers with both contractor and engineer with one company and this alone saves thousands of dollars on every project we complete.

Also, all the equipment and materials we use are designed and built by use. In many cases we will design/build underpinning systems on site for the simple reason that you never know what lies below ground.

Sink Holes, LLC installed their sinkhole monitoring device on all four corners of my house. Just the thought of a early warning system to protect my family is priceless. This system provides 24 hour monitoring by an engineer. I’ve never felt safer in my own house.” Steve Mitcheal Tampa FL.

Feel free to call Jeff Earl and/or Ken Sands P.E. for a free sinkhole or foundation inspection. If you are interested in our patented sinkhole monitoring system we would love to hear from you.

Buy Design, Home Builder in Tampa Bay is the most Qualified home Builder and approved by Sinkholes, LLC to install our sinkhole monitoring systems. Buy Design, Installs the sinkhole monitoring system with all new home building contracts.

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