Pressure Grouting is a great option for Foundation Repair and Sinkhole Repair in Florida, due to the sandy soil conditions and the porous limestone landscape.   Pressure Grouting can be referred to as, Grout Pumping, Slurry Grouting, Pressure Grouting, Slab Jacking, Mud Jacking and Void Filling.  Pressure grouting is a method that involves injecting a grout material under pressure into generally isolated pore or void space of which neither the configuration or volume are known, and is mostly referred to as Pressure Grouting.  Grout material can be designed by using cement or fly ash-grout mixture or chemical mixture or a combination of both, Civil Engineer Ken Sands P.E. will determine the mixtures and slumps in witch it will be installed.

Sinkholes, LLC Civil Engineer Ken Sands P.E. or Jeff Earl Will give you a FREE inspection and provide you with a preliminary Grout Injection Plan.  If you have a Grout Injection Plan From another Engineer send it to us for a FREE plan review and a repair contract.

The most common use of pressure grouting is to improve or strengthen geomaterials (soil and rock). Here in Florida, Foundation Masters, LLC is the most experienced Pressure Grouting Contractor in Sinkhole Repair and Foundation Repair.  Although very specialized, Pressure Grouting is an essential construction procedure that is practiced by specialist like Foundation Masters, LLC and there Engineers in Central Florida.

If you have a Grout Injection Plan send it over and we will have you a bid with in 12 hours. If you need a Engineer please feel free to contact our office and ask for your free inspection.

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