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Sinkholes, LLC only works with the Best Foundation Repair and Structural Repair Experts (Civil Engineer Ken Sands, P.E. and Jeff Earl) in the State of Florida.  Sinkholes, LLC designs and manufactures Sinkhole Repair, Sinkhole Monitoring and Foundation Repair products.  The only installer of these Patented Sinkhole Repair Systems is Florida State licensed Contractor and Civil Engineering Company Foundation Masters, LLC!!!  Foundation Masters, LLC is best and most Qualified Foundation Repair and Sinkhole Repair Contractor in the State of Florida.  If you notice any of the following 10 signs below call for your FREE inspection.

Top 10 Signs that a Home is Experiencing Foundation Problems.


  1. Uneven Or Sloping Floors
  2. Cracks In Exterior Or Interior BrickFoundation Repair Florida
  3. Displaced Or Cracked Moldings
  4. Wall Rotation
  5. Cracks In Walls Or Bowing Of Walls
  6. Cracks In Floor, Floor Tiles, Or Foundation
  7. Doors & Windows Won’t Open Or Close Properly
  8. Separation Of Doors, Windows, & Garage Doors
  9. Spaces Between Wall And Ceiling Or Floor
  10. Walls Separating From House

The main reason for Structural Failure in Florida is directly rated to:

1. Sinkhole Activity!

2. Erosion from heavy rain or poor drainage!

3. Poor construction or careless home builders!

4. Building on top of unpacked fill materials or organics!

Foundation Repair Contractors in Florida

Foundation Repair in Florida is mostly completed with underpinnings and Pressure Grouting.  The best way to underpin a house or structure in the sandy soil conditions is to install steel push piers that are properly designed to carry the load requirements of the structure.

When grout pumping is necessary, the best and most cost effective way is to design a steel piering system with Pressure Grout pumping capabilities through the piering System.  This pier and Pressure Grouting Combo System support the load bearing members of the structure and also stabilize the soils at the same time.  In some cases grouting directly under the slab is also necessary.

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