Sinkholes, LLC was created by Jeff Earl and Civil Engineer, Ken Sands, P.E. Both members have extensive experience in Foundation Repair and Earth Retention Systems in poor and aggressive soil conditions. Jeff and Ken have been working side by side for more than ten years, with a few hundred jobs completed together. Ken was the first one to mention something about building a company in Florida (back in 2009) for Sinkhole Resistant Structures that could provide the homeowner enough time to get out of the house before it completely collapsed on top of them. Jeff Earl back in 2011 came up with a idea to design a system that could detect a sinkhole long before it became visible and caused major damage and even death. That system is available today. Call now for your free inspection and in-home demonstration of our patented Sinkhole Monitoring Device.

Meet my family: The most important part of my life and the next most important thing in my life is protecting my customers and there families from dangerous Sinkholes. Sinkholes, LLC has a patented Sinkhole Monitoring Device that can detect the slightest Sinkhole activity, and is equipped with an emergency warning alarm. Your family can feel safe in your own home, save thousands on repair cost and increase your resale value.




President and CEO

Jeff Earl one of the top 3 most successful Structural Repair Contractors/entrepreneurs in the United States, with three other related company’s Foundation Masters LLC,, and Sinkholes LLC.



Civil Engineering

Specialties: Civil/ Site Engineering, Foundation Inspection, Retaining Structures, Surface Mining Permits, Tenant Finish, Zoning, Sanitary/Storm Sewer Design, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering



Office Manager

Kelly handles all day to day operations.




Brad is in charge of Foundation Masters IT. All website inquiries should be sent to