Sinkholes, LLC has designed the first sinkhole resistant home, with a 25 year warranty. This sinkhole resistant structure can resist a direct hit from an average sized sinkhole. In most cases these sinkholes can easily be repaired with almost no damage to the structure. Sinkholes, LLC has field tested this sinkhole resistant design and the results were amazing. Civil Engineer Ken Sands, PE. and Jeff Earl Structural Repair Expert can design you a safe home anywhere in the State of Florida. These Sinkhole resistant homes are the most energy efficient, high wind and sinkhole resistant structures in the State of Florida and the United States.
There is no way to design a sinkhole proof house or sinkhole proof home for the simple fact that sinkholes are a normal factor in the Florida landscape. Sinkholes, LLC has designed a sinkhole resistant structure, and what this means is when or if an average size sinkhole happens around or under your home, you and your family will be safe inside one of our sinkhole resistant designed structures. If a sinkhole happens to one of our structures contact us immediately or if you feel sinkhole activity my be happening on or near your property.
If you have a set of plans for your new home, business or addition please feel free to forward them to us for your free sinkhole resistant design price. If you want a price on a sinkhole resistant structure please feel free to contact us for a free on site inspection and consultation.
Foundation Masters, LLC  is a Civil Engineering Company, specializing in Foundation Repair and Structural Design. We are a Design and Build, Home Builder in Tampa, Florida specializing in, Hurricane resistant Structures – Sinkhole Resistant Structures – Termite Resistant Structures – Fire Resistant Structures and Mold Resistant Structures.

Dont wait for a sinkhole to ruin your life. Be prepared.

Our sinkhole resistant structures will save you thousands in insurance coverage cost. In the first ten years of owning your sinkhole resistant house you will recoup your entire investment for your sinkhole resistant design.
When it comes time to sell your sinkhole resistant structure, be prepared to sell fast, buyers will be confident they are making a great investment.
Sinkholes, LLC will back every Sinkhole resistant structure with a 25 year warranty!

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